Top property tips

James Hatzimoisis, Director and Auctioneer at Barry Plant Taylors Lakes. (Supplied)

Getting your property ready for sale doesn’t have to be a daunting task – Director and Auctioneer at Barry Plant Taylors Lakes James Hatzimoisis shares his top tips on how to achieve maximum impact for little cost.

The outside
It’s all about first impressions. If the facia and windows need a freshen up, consider a coat of paint. Power wash all external surfaces and ensure the windows sparkle.

The inside
Sometimes it’s as simple as a deep clean, other times, tiles may need re-grouting, caulking may need to be refreshed, shower screens, bathtubs and basins need to shine. If timber floors are damaged, it’s worth investing in having them sanded and polished. Home styling is critical nowadays. With all the home renovation shows on television and info available online, people that come to inspect your property expect to see a standard similar to what they see on the TV shows.

Gardens and landscaping
These come under the first impressions category. Anything overgrown needs to be attended to, all weeds removed, some fresh plants, fresh mulch in garden beds, driveways and paths power washed and perhaps even a coat of sealer/colour on any concrete paths that look old.

In general
Stand back and have a look at your home through a buyer’s eyes and not your own. Then attend to anything that needs doing before your home is marketed. Listen to your agent’s advice tips regarding presentation and perhaps consider a consultation with a stylist, who can assist in helping present your home beautifully.